Member News-Minga Opazo

TRAMAR Documentary Trailer from Dab Art on Vimeo.


Dab Art is pleased to present a documentary film about Chilean-born artist Dominga Opazo and the inspiration behind her latest outdoor installation, TRAMAR. Incorporating a selection of yarns derived from her native country of Chile, Dominga’s large-scale outdoor installation is distinctive and influential. Finding inspiration in Chiloe art, Dominga began to experiment with weaving in art practice. Initially creating a series of prints with configurations inspired by patterns made by the Selkma, these works are then weaved with another print. The rigorous labor required and the intimacy with organic materials is captivating.

On October 8, 2017 we will be following the debut of the film with a panel discussion featuring the Dab Art film duo Yessica Torres and Cameron Hurdus talking with the artist Dominga Opazo. The panel will discuss the film’s production and the artist’s installation.

Produced and Directed by Yessíca Torres
Filmed and Edited by Cameron Hurdus

Music by White Ship

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